The JIVD and ERCA organizations are delighted to announce that their third joint meeting will take place in Lyon, France from the 15th to the 17th of March 2018.

The previous meetings in 2012 (Barcelona) and 2015 (Lyon) were very successful with more than 1500 participants from 32 countries. As usual we expect the next meeting to be a convivial gathering of great scientific and professional interest to all health professionals wor¬king in respiratory care from the acute setting to home mechanical ventilation; physicians, allied health professionals, technicians, and home care providers. It will also give the opportunity to share experiences with the patients, the manufacturers and medical suppliers.

We have been able to benefit from the input of an international advi¬sory board to elaborate this preliminary program which also incor-porates the suggestions we have collected from participants of the previous meetings. Our goal is, as always, to promote knowledge and understanding of respiratory concerns in order to ensure opti¬mal care for respiratory patients. Three main driving forces will be reinforced: patients’ experience, innovative technology and impro¬vement in delivery of care. Audience participation will also be very much encouraged using various means of interactive technology. New in 2018: courses for “beginners“ on Thursday morning, March 15th.

More than 65 sessions will take place during the three days of the conference and we rely on your participation to make the most of this platform for exchanging knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all.

We look forward to welcoming you again in Lyon, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, a city of charm with many assets for you to discover - !
See you in 2018!

The Executive Committee

Borel J.C. (FR)
Chatwin M. (GB)
Contal O. (CH)
De Halleux Q. (CH)
Escarrabill J. (SP)
Fauroux B. (FR)
Gonzalez J. (FR)
Grant, K. (CH) – ERCA President
Hart N. (GB)
Hill N. (US)
Janssens J.P.(CH)
Jennequin J. (FR)
Joud P. (FR)
Lavirotte A. (FR)
Léger, P. (FR) – JIVD-AER President
Make B. (US)
Martin F. (FR)
Martin J.P. (FR)
Norrenberg M. (BE)
Orlikowski D. (FR)
Pépin J.L. (FR)
Piquilloud L. (CH)
Pons M. (SP)
Rabec C. (FR)
Simonds A. (GB)
Toussaint M. (BE)
Vitacca M. (IT)
Ambrosino N. (IT)
Andersen T. (NO)
Argaud L. (FR)
Audag N. (BE)
Bach J. (US)
Banfi P. (IT)
Belmondo B. (CH)
Benditt J. (US)
Brivio A. (IT)
Chaulet J. (FR)
Cotting J. (CH)
Cuvelier A. (FR)
D'Abrosca F. (IT)
Diaz Lobato S. (SP)
Elliott M. (GB)
Ergün P. (TR)
Farré R. (SP)
Ferreyra G. (IT)
Fondenes O. (NO)
Frigerio P. (IT)
Goldstein R. (CA)
Goncalves M. (PT)
Gregoretti C. (IT)
Hernandez C. (SP)
Hov B. (NO)
Jonquet O. (FR)
Kampelmacher M.J. (NL)
Laier Groeneveld G. (DE)
Lanza A. (IT)
Lazzeri M. (IT)
Markussen H. (NO)
Masa F. (SP)
McKim D.A. (CA)
Mellies U. (DE)
Midgren B. (SE)
Muir J.F. (FR)
Nava S. (IT)
Navalesi P.(IT)
Norregaard O. (DK)
Nygren-Bonnier M. (SE)
Perrin C. (FR)
Pinto T. (PT)
Pirttimaa R. (FI)
Ptacinsky L. (IT)
Repossini E. (IT)
Reychler G. (BE)
Rios A. (SP)
Rodriguez-Hortal C. (SE)
Schoenhoffer B. (DE)
Servera E. (SP)
Sommariva M. (IT)
Szkulmowski Z. (PL)
Thomas A. (GB)
Wijkstra P.J. (NL)
Windisch W. (DE)
Zuffo S. (IT)

Congress venue: Cité Centre de Congrès, 50 quai Charles de Gaulle. This modern Convention Centre designed by Renzo Piano, is a veritable events complex where all amenities are built-in. Nestling between Parc de la Tête d'Or and the Rhône, it is conveniently located close to the centre of Lyon.

Are invited to attend: medical doctors, therapists, nurses, ventilator users, technicians, pharmacists, manufacturers and suppliers.

Exhibition: all manufacturers, distributors, care suppliers and publishers interested in exhibiting can contact the congress secretariat for more information.

Hotel accommodation: Kuoni proposes all categories of accommodation on the web page : Hotel Accommodation


Reception of abstracts December 31, 2017
Notice of abstracts’ acceptance February 1, 2018
Reduced price registrations February 5, 2018
Hotel reservations March 1, 2018


Lunches and coffee breaks are not organised by the congress, but all kinds of restaurants are available in the Cité Internationale.

Lyon City Boat - Hermes
Thursday, March 15th, evening
Join us for a festive and friendly evening on the Rhône and Saône rivers and discover another Lyon.
Price: 80 € / person.
Boarding and disembarkment in front of the congress center!
Dinner-cocktail and music on board!
Attention: Places are limited, so book early!

ERCA – JIVD / 3rd Joint International Meeting
Brigitte Hautier, Sylvaine Sazio
(Siège social : Hospices Civils de Lyon)
c/o B.A.L. Congrès, 7 rue Belfort
69004 Lyon (FRANCE)